Monday, 28 April 2014

Anti-Graffiti Initiative Aims to Crack Down on Vandals

Anti-graffiti initiatives are popping up all over the country as the warm season picks up. Towns and cities all over North America are feeling the pressure from Municipalities to keep properties and businesses clean and free from graffiti. As the vandalism increases so must the efforts of townships and communities. Here is a report of one such town Carlisle, PA reaching out for community support in combating graffiti vandalism. Follow link for full report The best way to fight graffiti is to have a zero tolerance policy. Always remove graffiti as soon as possible to discourage returned visits. Take control of the situation here's how you can help.
Get Organized: Community Clean Ups are a great way to clean a large area as a community.
Use Safe Practices: Always use safe graffiti cleaners so everyone can participate and have fun!
Get Motivated: You can make things happen you just have to have the right motivation to get the job done! For safe graffiti removal options visit Check out our Graffiti Go and only truly safe water based graffiti remover certified as a safe alternative to harsh solvents and completely effective on all types of graffiti from spray paint, to markers, to stickers, to gum and glue Graffiti Go is the solution to safe graffiti removal.       

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