Thursday, 16 May 2013

Healthy Schools Program Eliminating Lead Certified Contractors Needed

The EPA has created a set of guidelines so that all states can maintain a level of quality in education complexes. The EPA used these guidelines to address some important environmental issues that may arise in K-12 facilities. Poor ventilation, safe storage for chemicals, smart material selection, green painting, and adequate paint chip clean up. This is dubbed the Healthy Schools Program, and its “Voluntary Guidelines for States: Development and Implementation of a School Environmental Health Program” is aimed at school districts, schools, child care facilities, etc. For details on the Healthy Schools Program follow link

A recent study out of the University of Illinois at Chicago examined the blood lead levels of third graders between 2003 and 2006—students now likely to be roaming the halls at CPS high schools. It turns out that at three-quarters of Chicago's 464 elementary schools, the students' average blood lead level was high enough to be considered poisoned, according to standards set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And although lead poisoning is rarely mentioned in the debate on how to improve schools, the UIC research shows just how much it may be damaging kids' ability to succeed. According to the study, lead-poisoned students in Chicago Public Schools are more likely to fail the third grade and score notably lower on their yearly standardized tests. For full article follow link

Safe lead paint removal has become more important than ever! Removing lead paint hazards from schools and child care facilities is one of the first steps to reducing lead exposure to young children but it doesn't stop there! There are literally thousands of pre-1970s built homes in the United States and Canada. The paint on a lot of these homes is starting to peel exposing the older layers underneath that contain lead. Certified contractors have their work cut out for them to safely remove and reduce lead hazards in residential homes. This growing need for safe lead paint removal has prompted EcoSolve Americas to step up and provide wet working water based gel strippers for safe lead paint removal. Tough enough for professional use and safe enough for consumers Home Strip Paint and Varnish Remover can remove all types of coatings and keeps material wet eliminating lead dust hazards. EcoSolve's patented water based technology takes solvents and caustics out of the equation. No fumes, no dust, and no heat! Home Strip is the UL Green Certified non toxic alternative to chemical and mechanical paint removal. Check out the EcoSolve website for more details Get Tough Not Toxic options from EcoSolve and safely reduce lead paint hazards today!            

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  1. EPA lead-safe RRP certified contractors and lead-safe work practices when painting or renovating are still required in schools.