Monday, 8 April 2013

Water Based vs Solvent Based Paints and Paint Removers

Today, water-based paints dominate and account for roughly 80% of paints sold in the residential market. Solvent-based paints, sometimes referred to as "oil-based" or "alkyd" paints, contain a significantly higher level of organic solvents than water-based paints. These solvents are responsible for the strong odor noticeable in areas that have been freshly painted. They are also potentially hazardous for both human health and for the environment which is why concerted efforts have been made to reduce or remove their presence in paints without negatively impacting on paint performance.

The function of organic solvents in a paint relates to certain properties it brings – it facilitates the paint’s application, it’s drying, and the formation of a regular paint film. During application and drying, the solvent evaporates. When they evaporate these solvents release Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere, with a negative, toxic impact on the environment. For full article please follow link

Also changing in the market today is water based paint removers. Paint removal products have in the past always been dominated by solvent based strippers containing high levels of VOCs and harsh toxic solvents. Solvents like methylene chloride that can cause severe negative health effects when not used properly. Health effects varying from irritation to the respiratory system, causing cancer, brain damage, and in extreme cases of exposure death. Although there have been attempts to replace these solvents with water based alternatives many have proven to be expensive and not as effective.

Leading the innovative technology necessary to replace solvent based paint removers is EcoSolve Americas Inc. Using only water soluble and sustainable ingredients EcoSolve has the only comparable products in performance and affordable pricing for paint removal. No matter the type of paint or coating EcoSolve can strip it with EcoLogo Certified products. Pick the right product for your next project here!

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