Thursday, 11 April 2013

The DIY Painting Guide: Everything You Need to Know!

It's one of the quickest ways to give a home a facelift, but painting like the pros requires patience, attention to detail, a steady hand and yes, tedious preparation. Don't just dive into a painting project, be prepared and organized. It's a messy business, with lots of bending, twisting and negotiating ladders, and inevitable dithering over the crucial color scheme. Decide up front who lands the back-breaking tasks of heavy sanding and painting the ceilings. Painting is not just about getting the paint onto surfaces successfully. There's an awful lot of work involved in not getting paint where it shouldn't be. There is a lot to consider besides what color to pick. From prep to clean up find out the best way to take on your next paint project here Here are some quick dos and don'ts for successful DIY paint projects.

  • Thoroughly stir the paint before starting
  • Always work your way down, starting with the ceilings first
  • Choose the best quality paint brushes and paint you can afford
  • Paint in manageable patches to ensure you're not going back over paint that's started to dry already.
  • Tie up/cover your hair unless you want paint speckles that don't wash out once dried.
  • Use a cheap masking tape. Buy proper painter's masking tape that won't remove the paint or chunks of plaster when you pull it off
  • Overload your roller or brushes with paint
  • Stir paint with a brush
  • Try to paint over crumbly surfaces you will just get ugly lumps in your paint
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