Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Methylene Chloride Safety Hazards

Methylene Chloride or dichloromethane is a colorless liquid that evaporates readily and exudes a pleasant sweetish odor. While methylene chloride is primarily used in industry, it's also found in some household products like spray paints, paint removers, and other consumer products as well. It's important to be aware of the possible health hazards posed by methylene chloride when you work with products containing this chemical. According to the California Environmental Protection Agency, the evidence suggests prolonged inhalation or ingestion of methylene chloride may cause cancer. The EPA classifies methylene chloride as a probable human carcinogen and the Occupational Health and Safety Administration has set the maximum occupational exposure limit at 25 ppm. The removal of methylene chloride from such consumer products as hair sprays and some paint removers has reduced the opportunity for non occupational exposure. But the risk still exists with every methylene chloride containing product still sitting on shelves for consumer purchase. For more details visit One of the most common products to find methylene chloride in with extremely hazardous concentrations is paint strippers. And chemical paint strippers are readily purchased by consumers for all types of application methods posing serious threats to the health of the user. EcoSolve Americas set out to replace chemical paint stripping products with safe water based technology that will not only effectively remove the hazards but also provide equal performance. EcoSolve has a line of safe and effective paint removal products for all types of application processes. Replace the hazardous chemicals in your life the technology is here! For more info on EcoSolve and certified safe paint removal products please visit the website      

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