Friday, 22 March 2013

Work Safe Alert: Paint Stripping Using Methylene Chloride

Alert: Paint stripping using methylene chloride in a dip tank for stripping paint from furniture is hazardous and in severe cases has caused worker fatalities . Methylene chloride is a volatile solvent used to strip paint from timber. Inhalation of methylene chloride vapor can cause dizziness, impaired coordination and central nervous system depression which can lead to unconsciousness and death.

Investigations conducted by Work Safe Victoria indicate that methylene chloride vapor levels that are immediately dangerous to life build up within stripping tanks. The work practice of leaning over or into a stripping tank to handle and scrub items is likely to expose workers to these dangerously high vapor levels. As a result, workers risk being overcome by vapors and falling forward into the tank.

Methylene chloride also has other health effects. The vapor can cause headache and irritation to the respiratory tract and eyes. Splashes to the skin and eyes can be painful, while prolonged skin exposure can lead to dry skin and dermatitis. It is also assigned as a category 3 carcinogen (i.e. a substance suspected of having cancer producing potential) by the National Occupational Health & Safety Commission (NOHSC). For full article follow link

The employer has a duty to eliminate or reduce as far as practicable risks to employees using methylene chloride. Risks can be reduced by:

Using a less hazardous product or different method of stripping paint
Don't use methylene chloride if you don't have to. Use a less hazardous product or less hazardous technique if possible. For example, using water-based products or a brush-on paste rather than liquid methylene chloride may be practicable in some instances and can reduce the risk from exposure to vapors.

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