Monday, 4 March 2013

Dealing with Industrial Toxic Chemicals Before the Damage is Done

Many people in building and industrial industry still unknowingly work with products that can potentially damage their health. Very often this is simply due to employers ignorance on hazardous chemicals and consequently their failure to look for safer alternatives. Dichloromethane also known as methylene chloride is a particularly dangerous solvent. Apart from being proven to cause damage to the blood, the nervous system, the liver, the eyes and the skin, if used long-term, methylene chloride can cause cancer. In 2002, a 34-year-old man died through methylene chloride inhalation and several others had to be treated in hospital. Similar deaths have occurred since then in fact over 50 deaths have been documented since the 1980s involving methylene chloride. This is no doubt a deadly chemical, which is most effective in its use as a paint stripper. Other uses of this hazardous solvent include its contribution to cleaning agents and degreasers in a variety of industries, a fumigant for strawberries and grains, extracting substances from foodstuffs, weld spatter control products, and more. The potential for claims against employers that allow their employees to use products containing methylene chloride and similarly dangerous chemicals is extremely high. There is no known insurance company that will provide liability insurance against the use or sale of any product that has ‘methylene chloride’ or ‘carcinogenic’ on the label. Conscientious employers should not need to worry about the threat of litigation. As long as they take necessary precautions or eliminate the use of methylene chloride, they will achieve a healthier and more productive workforce. For full article follow link See how this company benefited from eliminating the use of methylene chloride from their automotive sector including huge yearly savings by switching to an Eco-friendly alternative There are simply too many safer alternatives available that effectively replace methylene chloride for industrial and building purposes to warrant the continued use of this carcinogenic solvent. Companies like EcoSolve Americas and Eco Solutions have worked tirelessly to develop some of the best paint removal alternatives available today. Industrial grade performance without the negative effects of  hazardous chemicals like methylene chloride. Visit these sites per your location for any where in North America visit EcoSolve Americas Inc for international locations visit Eco Solutions UK replace methylene chloride with tough not toxic alternatives! 

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