Friday, 15 March 2013

Could Lead Poisoning Really be a Cause of Violent Crime

It's ridiculous – until you see the evidence. Studies between cities, states and nations show that the rise and fall in crime follows, with a roughly 20-year lag, the rise and fall in the exposure of infants to trace quantities of lead. Lead was withdrawn first from paint and then from petrol at different times in different places (beginning in the 1970s in the US in the case of petrol, and the 1990s in many parts of Europe), yet despite these different times and different circumstances, the pattern is the same: violent crime peaks around 20 years after lead pollution peaks. The crime rates in big and small cities in the US, once wildly different, have now converged, also some 20 years after the phase-out. Is it really so surprising that a highly potent nerve toxin causes behavioral change? The devastating and permanent impacts of even very low levels of lead on IQ have been known for many decades. Lead poisoning in infancy, even at very low levels, impairs the development of the brain that regulate behavior and mood. Lead poisoning is associated with attention deficit disorder, impulsiveness, aggression and, according to one paper, psychopathy. Lead is so toxic that it is unsafe at any level. For full article and links to scientific supporting papers please follow the link The most unsettling fact in all of this is the fact that millions of homes in North America still contain high levels of lead hidden under layers of paint first applied in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. That paint for the first time is starting to degrade creating a new peak in lead exposure. Government agencies can not keep up with the reports of lead poisoning in children and the need for affordable certified safe paint removal services for contaminated homes. The noticeable increase in the demand for DIY paint removal to save money is becoming a popular trend. Whether the work is being done safely is up to the home owner so its more important than ever to have resources available to consumers for safe DIY work practices. EcoSolve Americas Blog has valuable information and links to demo videos explaining safe work procedures for removing lead based paint. EcoSolve has provided safe paint removal products that work wet eliminating hazardous dry scraping and sanding of lead paint since 2002. And now Home Strip products are EcoLogo Certified safe alternatives to chemical paint stripping. When it comes to lead we always recommend hiring a professional to help remove contaminated paint. But I you have to do the work your self using safe work practices and products can keep you and your family safe from lead poisoning. For more info on our certified Home Strip Paint and Varnish Remover and other EcoSolve products please visit       

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