Monday, 18 February 2013

Worker Fatality Alert

The CA/FACE (California Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation) program is investigating the preventable death of a worker who was using a paint stripper inside a tank at a paint manufacturing company. A second worker was also nearly killed after attempting a rescue. What was the cause? Both of the workers were overcome by dangerous levels of solvent vapors inside the paint tank. The paint tank was a permit-required confined space, but proper testing, entry and rescue procedures were not in place to prevent both workers from being overcome by toxic vapors. The victim was wearing a cartridge respirator that did not adequately protect against inhaling methylene chloride vapors. Methylene chloride has been linked by Federal OSHA to over 50 worker deaths nationwide since the mid-1980s, primarily from use in poorly ventilated spaces. Methylene chloride is also considered by many regulatory agencies in the U.S. to cause cancer, and is banned from many uses in Europe. For full article follow link This tragic accident could have been prevented by removing the deadly chemical methylene chloride from the equation. Using safer non toxic paint stripping methods could have saved this workers life and prevented severe chemical poisoning of the injured co-worker. The need for industrial, professional, and consumer use of toxic chemicals like methylene chloride for paint removal is a thing of the past. Now innovative companies like EcoSolve Americas have advanced water based technology that can strip paint and other coatings from all types of surfaces fast and effectively without toxic ingredients that poison our bodies and the environment. EcoSolve paint removal products are tough enough for industrial and professional use yet so safe they are successfully used by consumers and DIY enthusiasts everywhere. For more info on EcoSolve and certified safe paint removal products please visit    

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