Tuesday, 5 February 2013

The Power of Pregnancy Over Your DIY Lifestyle

Pregnancy is a time when the nesting instincts kick in and decorating ideas kick off. Many women dive in and take on big projects to get ready for the baby. Even in the later trimester of pregnancy DIY moms to be still want to do it themselves and some things they can. But some projects are best left for others when it comes to exposing yourself to unnecessary chemicals or volatile organic compounds. Pregnancy is an especially important time to minimize exposure to VOCs. Consequences of exposure to high concentrations of VOCs can include miscarriage, low birth weight, birth defects, developmental disabilities, and a higher risk of cancer in children. For a quick list on some of the more dangerous VOCs to avoid during pregnancy follow this link http://g3environmental.com/pregnancy.htm If getting help on your project is just not your bag and cramping your DIY style there are precautions you can take to take on your project yourself without causing any harm to the baby. First step is to choose safer products not just for application but also to minimize off gassing. Some glues, and paints can off gas harmful fumes for months after applying so always try to find low or no VOC options especially if its going in the nursery. Next is to minimize exposure during application even if you choose safer options you should wear the appropriate protective equipment this is very important when applying paints, stains, sanding, or chemically removing coatings because of the indoor air pollution created. Chemical filter mask, gloves, protective clothing, and proper air ventilation are essential if you want to paint or refinish anything while pregnant. Warning: chemical paint removers are one of the most toxic products you can buy over the counter for consumer use. Use of chemical strippers is not recommended during pregnancy if you are in need of removing paint use safe alternatives from EcoSolve Americas. They have water based products that do not contain dangerous solvents or caustics that create hazardous fumes. Visit the EcoSolve website for more information http://www.ecosolveamericas.com/ The bottom line is to take extra safety precautions, choose safer products, and don`t over do it! Plan projects so you can take your time, rushing DIY projects is never a safe plan. Good luck ladies with all your projects I have always had the strong belief if you want something done right you have to do it yourself! 

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