Monday, 25 February 2013

Sign This Petition and BAN Toxic Chemicals from Our Products

Despite decades of knowledge about toxic health effects from chemicals like methylene chloride they remain poorly regulated. Protecting people from carcinogenic chemicals like methylene chloride can prevent cancer and save lives. Sign this petition today if you think methylene chloride should be banned from consumer products now! Follow this link and sign now together we can make a difference! Methylene chloride is considered by many regulatory agencies to cause cancer and has been linked to to over 50 worker deaths in North America since the mid-1980s. This chemical regularly used as a solvent is banned from many uses in Europe yet still available in multiple products for consumer use in North America. Cancer in people caused by methylene chloride can take years to develop and is more difficult to document. This small win can open the doors to much bigger change to regulations regarding the chemicals in our everyday products together we can do it!

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