Monday, 4 February 2013

How to Pick the Right Paint Finish

If you want to know what is the best paint finish for your walls you may want to consider a few things before making your choice. Picking the right color is not always the most important consideration to make when choosing a wall finish. Different paint finishes will highlight imperfections on your wall as others do better to cover them up. Also some finishes are easier to clean or stand up better to well lighted areas. For a detail list of the most popular finishes to choose from, where they work best in your home, and what level of finish you should be looking for follow this link Once you have the perfect paint picked make sure the work you do lasts with proper painting prep. How you prep your walls is just as important as the new coating you choose. Your new paint is only as good as the layer underneath. For excellent DIY painting prep tips and other great ideas visit the EcoSolve Blog here... If you need to remove old or damaged paint from your home EcoSolve has safe alternatives to hazardous chemical paint stripping. Now you can safely remove paint without harsh solvents or fumes. Effective for indoor and outdoor applications EcoSolve products are Tough Not Toxic. For more details on EcoSolve and safer options for paint removal visit     

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