Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Harmful Chemicals: Methylene Chloride What You Should Know

Numerous poisonings and deaths have been reported over several decades among workers and consumers using furniture strippers or other products containing methylene chloride in unventilated areas. Furthermore, several federal, state, and international agencies have identified methylene chloride as a cancer-causing substance. Unfortunately, despite the well known health effects caused by methylene chloride and the ready availability of cost effective, safer alternatives, this toxic substance is still found in everyday products and is widely used in industry as a solvent, exposing North Americans to unnecessary health risks. Methylene chloride is easily inhaled and absorbed by the skin converting into carbon monoxide once inside the body—making it an especially dangerous solvent. Despite decades of knowledge about these toxic health effects, methylene chloride remains poorly regulated. Though some federal and state standards exist, none of these standards are strong enough to protect worker or public health and none address the chemical’s entire life cycle. For full article, a long list of products that contain methylene chloride, and links to find out more follow here http://www.saferchemicals.org/resources/methylchloride.html If your looking for safe alternatives to toxic chemicals like methylene chloride and need results EcoSolve has effective tough not toxic products that can remove paint, varnish, and texture type coatings, glue, graffiti, and much more without harsh solvents and caustics that pollute our bodies and the environment. EcoSolve paint removal products are water based and EcoLogo Certified as safer options for chemical paint removal. When you need products that work for the right price EcoSolve Americas have the safe solutions you can trust. Visit the EcoSolve website http://www.ecosolveamericas.com/for more info or find us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/EcosolveAmericas Get tough with your projects not toxic!

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