Thursday, 7 February 2013

Engineers Getting Hands On with Sustainable Design

75 percent of professional mechanical engineers work for companies involved or extremely involved in sustainability, up from about 66 percent last year. Cost continues to be a chief concern and a driver of decisions on whether to incorporate sustainable design practices in products. Most organizations are focusing on products and systems that reduce energy use and emissions. More than 55 percent of respondents said they worked on designs that use less energy or reduce emissions in the past year. About 54 percent said they worked on designs to comply with environmental standards and regulations. For full article follow link... The link in this article titled: 2012 Sustainable Design Trend Watch Survey has some interesting insight into how mechanical engineers and manufacturers are practicing “green” or “eco” design and how sustainability in manufacturing is changing over time. The professional survey consisted of 23 questions and generated nearly 4,470 responses. Approximately 61 percent of the working engineer respondents had more than 20 years career experience. This growing interest/need for sustainable design is changing the way we think, manufacture, and sell products today.

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