Friday, 25 January 2013

The Benefits of Green Building

Incorporating green building products and practices in home building and remodeling projects results in quality homes and financial savings for you. Even the smallest effort can make a big difference. While particular benefits will vary depending on the specific choices made by the builder and homeowner, and to what extent green building practices are employed, the general benefits are:
  •  Financial savings
  •  More comfort
  •  Healthier living
  •  Less maintenance and higher durability
  •  Knowing You are a Steward of the Environment
Green building products and practices offer you the assurance that you are following environmentally friendly guidelines that help preserve our natural resources. A socially responsible step worthy of recognition, building and remodeling green makes a strong statement about your dedication to the community and the environment. For full article follow this link One of the most toxic remodeling products still available for consumer purchase today is chemical paint strippers. Containing carcinogenic ingredients like methylene chloride and have high risks of polluting our health and the environment. That's why EcoSolve Americas has effective EcoLogo certified safe alternatives to chemical stripping with revolutionary water based technology. All EcoSolve products are solvent, caustic, fume free, and Eco-preferable for the environment if you would like to learn more about EcoSolve and safe solutions for paint removal please visit

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