Thursday, 24 January 2013

Removing Paint From Brick

The look of unpainted bricks is growing in popularity, causing many people to try to achieve this effect by removing paint from brick. Using the right gel paint stripper with a little time and patience, most bricks can be restored to their original, unpainted state. No matter whether your restoring the color of your house for repairing graffiti damage from your building. Sandblasting and power washing are common wrong ways to remove paint from bricks. These methods can degrade the quality of your bricks. Also beware of applying harsh chemicals to the building. Gel removers are the best way to remove paint from bricks. For full article follow link If your looking for the right gel paint stripper for your project EcoSolve Americas has effective water based paint removal products that are safe for all substrates including antique bricks and wood. Home Strip Paint and Varnish Remover and Graffiti Go are EcoLogo certified safe alternatives to chemical paint strippers and Eco-preferable for the environment. EcoSolve products have no harsh caustics or solvents that can harm you or the environment and are completely fume free. Home Strip is ideal for exterior brick walls and interior brick fireplaces/walls water based, oil based, alkyd paints don't stand a chance against this tough not toxic brand of paint removal. Graffiti Go can remove all types of graffiti paints, graffiti shadow, decals, and more safely from bricks with an easy spray application and adheres 100% to vertical surfaces for optimal coverage and removal. Restore that beautiful brick color with safe EcoSolve products. For more info on Home Strip, Graffiti Go and other safe EcoSolve alternatives please visit

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  1. Let us not forget that painting of brick is not a new trend. People have been doing this for many years and when they do it they don't think of what will happen if they get tired of it or how to deal with it when it starts to degrade other than slapping another coat of paint on it. I also want to point out because people have been doing this for so long you are also sticking your toe into the possibility of dealing with lead paint as well. Gel strippers are great for removing this but you have certain precautions that you should be following as to not contaminate the area around the paint removing project.


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