Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Reducing Toxic Chemical Exposure

We can be exposed to a wide range of chemicals in many ways. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), only a fraction of the more than 75,000 registered chemicals have gone through complete testing for human health concerns. Some chemicals have immediate toxic effects. Others are toxic to our bodies only after repeated, long-term exposure. Simple changes in our everyday routines can reduce our long-term exposures to low levels of potentially harmful substances, changes in how we choose the products we buy, or the ways we clean our houses and take care of the yard. These changes will not only make our homes safer, they may also save us money. Follow this link for a list of warnings on labels to look out for as well as great tips on safe ways to clean your home, control pests, maintain your yard, home remodeling, and much more! Whenever possible, buy products that are free of toxic chemicals. Alternatives are available. The market for non-toxic products is growing in response to customer demand. Read product labels carefully ingredient lists don't always tell you everything that is in a product but they can offer clues to the toxicity. Seek out companies with extensive product info available and have MSDS info for customers. Transparency of product information in companies is important if you want to ensure you and your families safety when using them. One company in favor of transparent product info is EcoSolve Americas their website has extensive product info as well as fast online MSDS requests on all their products. EcoSolve provides certified safe alternatives to chemical paint removers one of the most toxic products you can buy over the counter for consumer use. These products are so toxic they have been banned in other countries that's why EcoSolve makes these safe alternatives for all of North America. Visit EcoSolve for extensive product info and request MSDS info through the email link at http://www.ecosolveamericas.com/    

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