Monday, 21 January 2013

Reducing Indoor Air Pollution in Your Home

Many sources of indoor pollution come from human-made products. Unless we study the labels, we may not realize the risks of using these substances. Promoting health and clean air means limiting our exposure to chemical cocktails that contain volatile organic compounds. VOCs are chemicals used in materials such as solvents and adhesives that evaporate when exposed to certain conditions, such as air or heat. One of three chemicals in particular that should be avoided, according to the EPA is Methylene Chloride. Methylene chloride is a known carcinogenic to animals, found in paint strippers, adhesive removers, and aerosol spray paints. For full article follow link If your looking for safe alternatives to chemical paint stripping EcoSolve Americas has water based paint remover products. EcoSolve products can effectively replace hazardous Methylene Chloride based paint strippers and are safe to use in your home. With no solvents, caustics or fumes EcoSolve products are revolutionizing the paint removal industry with effective alternatives that are safe for everyone. Reduce the air pollution in your home and replace the toxic products you use. For more info on EcoSolve and their safe products please visit    

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