Monday, 28 January 2013

Prevent and Control Graffiti Vandalism

You’ve probably seen graffiti vandalism somewhere in your community. It’s the words, colors, and shapes scratched on buildings, overpasses, train cars, and other surfaces. It’s done without permission and it’s against the law. Not only does this type of vandalism hurt people in the affected communities it also posses serious health problems to graffiti writers who inhale spray paint or take unnecessary risks, such as climbing onto rooftops and structures for the purpose of exposing their work. Follow this link for full article on preventing and controlling vandalism in your community and what to look for if your concerned about someone you love possibly involved in graffiti crimes. The top three things you can do to prevent graffiti vandalism in your community is first get educated by learning about graffiti, its impacts on your community, and who is responsible. Always report graffiti as soon as its spotted to the authorities. Organize community clean ups and paint outs get people involved and excited to help take back public areas. One favored safe method is water based graffiti removal from EcoSolve. EcoSolve's Graffiti Go is a proven effective graffiti remover that can be used by everyone. Graffiti Go is completely free of harsh solvents and fumes making it the safest choice for graffiti removal (even safer than using paint). For more info on Graffiti Go and other safe paint removal alternatives by EcoSolve please visit   

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