Thursday, 10 January 2013

Difference Between Eco Friendly & Normal Paint

Although paint is available in a rainbow of colors, not all paints are green. As a rule, it's easy to spot the difference between an eco-friendly paint and a conventional paint: just pop open the lid and take a whiff. The familiar fresh paint odor of a conventional paint consists of a variety of greenhouse gases and other environmentally harmful chemicals that are released to the atmosphere as the paint is applied. Not only are regular paints releasing harmful chemicals when being applied and drying, they can also release VOCs (volatile organic compounds) into the air up to 1 - 2 years after application. In contrast, eco-friendly paints emit little or no environmentally unsafe materials into the air, even after paint has been applied and set. For more details on the differences between conventional paints and Eco-friendly paints please follow link for full article Another paint product with some big differences between conventional and Eco-friendly options is paint removers. Conventional chemical paint strippers contain carcinogenic ingredients like methylene chloride that can be easily inhaled and absorbed through the skin. Extreme caution, extensive ventilation, and protective equipment is required to safely use chemical paint strippers without toxic chemical exposure. Chemical strippers can also pose a serious pollution threat to the environment if not disposed of properly. Eco-friendly paint removers have alternative ingredients for safer paint removal. Different brands offer different levels of safety from chemical exposure and environmental impact. It's important to know whats in your stripper so you can use product appropriately. One company that has received EcoLogo Certification for their paint removal products is EcoSolve Americas providing some of the most effective and safe alternatives for paint removal. For more info on EcoSolve and their safe paint removal products please visit         

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