Thursday, 17 January 2013

12 Steps to Reducing Fetal Exposures

Although obstetricians warn pregnant women not to drink alcohol and not to smoke during pregnancy, we are learning that there are other chemicals and products that women should be careful about during those critical nine months. The Environmental Working Group found more than 200 chemicals in the cord blood of babies tested right after birth. The Journal of the American Medical Association reports significantly more malformations in the fetuses of mothers who were occupationally exposed to solvents. Turpentine, liquid paint removers, and other solvents should all be avoided during pregnancy. Clean and well-ventilated air is also very important for good health. Air pollutants should be kept at a minimum, both inside and outside the home and work- place. This is especially important during pregnancy. Follow this link for ten other ways to help reduce harmful fetal exposures. Safety, security, and good health for people and the environment are all driving forces that fuel EcoSolve Americas strive to provide safe alternatives to some of the most toxic products in the paint industry today. We know when preparing for a new addition to the family one of the most common tasks is to paint the baby room. See painting while pregnant tips on our blog at Chemical paint strippers are one of the most toxic painting products available for consumer purchase today. The toxins are easily inhaled and absorbed through the skin making them extremely hazardous. That's why EcoSolve has a line of revolutionary safe, solvent and fume free paint removal products proven to be effective alternatives to chemical paint strippers. For more info on EcoSolve and their products visit    

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