Friday, 14 December 2012

What Does Eco-Friendly Really Mean?

In recent years, terms like "going green" and "eco-friendly" have become buzz words on talk shows, commercials and product packaging. The term "eco-friendly" has been used for so many different products and practices, its meaning is in danger of being lost. By understanding the true meaning of eco-friendly, you can implement the practices that will lead to healthier living for the planet and its inhabitants, big and small. Find out what the true definition of this term means, what qualifications a product must meet, and find out how you can keep green washed products from finding their way into your shopping cart. EcoSolve Americas is one company trying to make a difference with sustainable products that provide safe alternatives to chemical paint removal. Having recently received EcoLogo certification EcoSolve promotes Eco-Preferable products in an industry where environmentally sustainable products are far and few between. All EcoSolve products are water based and water soluble with no solvents or caustics that can harm consumers or the environment. With advanced water based technology EcoSolve is attempting to change the paint removal industry in North America where extremely toxic chemical paint strippers can still be bought over the counter by anyone. Many of these types of chemicals have been banned in neighboring countries for consumer purchase because of their extreme toxicity. Help support the drive for change only purchase Eco-friendly products when ever possible. For more information on EcoSolve and where to purchase their safe alternatives please visit  and like us on Facebook

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