Thursday, 6 December 2012

Graffiti Is Just Removing It Enough?

Cities today, face the problem of graffiti, in the streets, public transit, parks, public and private property. Authorities consider graffiti, or various forms of, as a crime. Removal programs have been establish to reduce, and maintain, a non-graffiti community. Yet, such activities, are hard to catch, or elusive. Others consider graffiti as a form of expression, artistic and cultural. Such communities exist and take graffiti as a serious outlet. Public murals are now being established, to support such an outlet, to express and lift community spirit. Create liveable aesthetics, rather than a form of damage. To see what is being done to maintain more liveable conditions, through non-profit organizations, and graffiti solution companies. Find out how much of a problem graffiti has become in more urbanized settings. How organizations, and the authorities, are working towards prevention, maintenance, and change. Follow link for video This new way of thinking can perhaps change the way graffiti is viewed by the public and change how it is created. Its not just enough to remove graffiti in this growing culture of artists and youth bursting with expression. Instead of labeling them as the problem we can make them part of the solution. When graffiti artists have the choice to make their passion a career and transform colorful expression into long lasting messages to uplift communities then maybe we can change the face of graffiti. Remove unwanted tags and gang markings safe and quickly to discourage reoccurring damage with Graffiti Go an Eco-friendly graffiti remover from EcoSolve Americas. Support the change of positive graffiti, if you have a wall or space that could carry a positive message plan a mural this is a proven method of deterring unwanted negative graffiti damage. Graffiti Go can help change the face of graffiti by removing the negative and supporting the positive. For more information on EcoSolve and Eco-friendly paint removal products like Graffiti Go please visit 

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