Monday, 31 December 2012

Eco-friendly Brush Restoration: Saving the Planet one Bristle at a Time

Paint brushes big and small professional and artistic all have one thing in common they are a tool of the trade. No matter if you’re a professional painter with an arsenal of brushes, a do-it-yourself enthusiast with a few favorites, or an artist with a thirst for expression you’ll have paint brushes that come and go. When choosing the right brush for your next project it’s important to know how different brush types will react to your paint. The differences between natural and synthetic will affect how your brush manipulates the paint. And different brush types will leave different brush marks and blend differently. Choosing the right tools for the job is a great way to start but once you have the tools maintaining them becomes just as important.
When you’re a professional painter the quality of your work is only as good as your brushes. A well maintained brush can cut and blend paint with quick precision. But improperly cleaned brushes and abused older bristles can have a negative effect on your work and lower the quality of your finished product. By having an efficient brush cleaning system you can keep better quality paintbrushes stocked that will not shed their bristles with the same generosity as the cheaper brushes and also provide you with a better quality finish to your handiwork. Warm water is great for all your water based paints but when it comes to oils most painters will use toxic brands of paint strippers to clean their bristles. Old hardened brushes get thrown away and used paint stripper is a hassle to dispose of properly. Now there is an Eco-friendly solution to all this waste that can restore old tired and hardened bristles and clean away all types of paint. The powerful water based brush restorer Brush Renew. Brush Renew is a reusable solution that is safe on all brush types and effective on all paints and finishes with no harsh solvents or fumes.
The artist brush is an extension of the artist's hand or mind the tool that completes your creation. Professional artists and artistic hobbyists create beautiful works on all types of canvas. Unfortunately the visual arts do not always produce the prettiest of pictures for the environment. There are lashings of toxic pigments, solvents, petrochemicals, formaldehyde and other ecologically destructive preservatives thrown into the mix of a working studio. Being an Eco-friendly artist can prove to be difficult. Creating a non-toxic studio can take time and a lot of research depending on the limits of your area but the benefits greatly out way the work. No matter the reason whether your concerned about your health, your environmental impact, or even the message your work conveys there is no better time to shake things up then now! Brush Renew is ideal for all types of artists brushes too restoring old brushes and maintaining new ones can reduce the amount of waste your studio creates and eliminate some of the toxic brush cleaners you’ve needed in the past.
No matter the type of painter you are professional, artistic, or part time you can be Eco-friendly in your profession. Brush Renew has the safe water based solution for all your brush bristle needs, restore your paint brushes and save your money. If you want to learn more about Brush Renew visit Quick and easy online purchasing of Brush Renew is available at the EcoMall a place to help save the earth.

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  1. Hi Courtney,
    You are doing a great job, sharing eco-friendly practises with the public.
    Do you know Clean and Go? It is a very eco-friendly product to quickly clean and store paint brushes. You can use it with all types of paint brushes for a very long time. It saves brushes, and prevents many liters of dirty waste water ending up in the sewers. You can find more information and a short movie of how to use it here:
    Hope you like it! Kind regards,
    Jop Timmers