Thursday, 15 November 2012

How to Become An Eco-friendly Artist

Being an Eco-friendly artist doesn’t mean you are limited to only buying materials with a small footprint, it can be as simple as reusing and recycling. Most artists are very resourceful people and already tend to recycle household items. I’m sure nearly all artists will be able to give an example of how they recycled something for a painting or project, whether it be part of the artwork or part of the process. Creating a non-toxic studio can take time and a lot of research depending on the limits of the area your in but the benefits greatly out way the work. No matter the reason whether your concerned about your health, your environmental impact, or even the message your work conveys there is no better time to shake things up then now! Follow the link for full article Some of the most toxic and common products found in many art studios is solvent based brush cleaners and paint strippers. And it seems to be one of the harder items to replace because keeping your tools clean is a big part of keeping supply costs down. Thankfully EcoSolve Americas has the solution with effective solvent free strippers and cleaners. My personal favorite is the revolutionary Brush Renew a water based reusable brush cleaner and softener. My brushes take a real beating when I'm working so Brush Renew is ideal for me. It has no fumes and neutralizes the paint from my brushes so I'm not left with hazardous material that needs special disposal. Also Brush Renew softens abused brush bristles and is safe on all types so I can toss multiple brushes with different paints all in one jar and know they will come out clean and soft ready for the next project. For more details on EcoSolve and their Eco-preferable products please visit 

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