Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Do Community Graffiti Clean Up Programs Work?

The answer is yes, there is some debate as to what methods work the best but one thing most are in agreement with is the effectiveness of speedy removal. Another tried and true method is the presence of murals in known high graffiti traffic areas. Not only can murals bring art and beauty to your city and communities but it works as a great deterrent from graffiti vandalism. The fact is the presence of graffiti on private and public property has numerous negative impacts on the community. Graffiti has been termed a “quality of life “crime because of the negative effects it has on property values, retail sales, tourism, business, feeling of public safety, and lets face it graffiti breeds more graffiti. There are several anti-graffiti initiatives being implemented by many community groups, organizations and individual citizens to rid cities like London, ON of graffiti. For full article please follow the link http://www.cleangreen.london.ca/graffiti_management.html If you want to help your community keep public and private property graffiti free, when you see it report it the sooner graffiti removal can take place the better. Or get hands on, contact your cities graffiti management team and volunteer or take matters into your own hands if you see paint where it doesn't belong remove it but make sure you do it safely. Some graffiti removal solutions can be hazardous to your health and the environment so know what your using is safe. EcoSolve Americas has developed a water based non-toxic graffiti remover that is fast and effective without the harsh chemicals that can burn your skin and pollute the environment. Graffiti Go is the environmentally friendly solution to graffiti removal so everyone can help keep their community clean for a brighter future. For more info on Graffiti Go and other great Eco-Preferable paint removal products by EcoSolve please visit http://www.ecosolveamericas.com/  

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