Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Keeping Your Pets Safe From Asbestos Exposure – Hidden Household Dangers

Pets that are exposed to asbestos are at risk of having mesothelioma cancer. This is why it is important that as a pet owner, you make sure that your home environment is safe for your pet. Keep your pets safe from asbestos exposure by learning about the hidden dangers around your household. Asbestos particles pose a huge threat to pets. These tiny particles can become the source of mesothelioma cancer in your pets, so keep your beloved pets safe and protected from asbestos exposure, both in and out of the home. Here is a 10-points pet-safe asbestos hazard advisory guide to help you keep your pets safe from asbestos exposure. If you find asbestos in your textured walls or ceiling remove it safely with X-Tex Textured Coatings Remover the Eco-friendly Home Strip product from EcoSolve Americas. Textured coatings used prior to 1980s commonly contained asbestos fibers and could pose serious health risks to you and your family if disturbed not just from renovations but also things as simple as bumping the wall or ceiling while moving furniture. Don't take the risk if you suspect asbestos could be lurking in your walls remove it safely with safe Home Strip alternatives. X-Tex Textured Coating Remover is the tough not toxic coating remover of choice for more details please visit 

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