Monday, 1 October 2012

12 Repurposing Ideas For Decorating on a Budget

OK its time to switch things around, paint, do some cheap framing, rotate art collections, swap table lamps and just shake things up in general. Don't have any extra items laying around for repurposing? Maybe the ideas in this article will help you look at someone else's garage sale castoffs with new eyes. Now you have that perfect piece ready for a new look whether your trying to find that natural wood underneath or remove a finish in favor of a stain or just prepping the surface for a great new color make sure you use Eco-friendly alternatives by EcoSolve for results without the chemicals. All Home Strip products are safe water based strippers with no solvents or caustics that could harm you or the surface your stripping. Decorating with repurposed items is a great green tactic but only if you take smart steps to get you there. For more info on safe Home Strip products visit Happy decorating everyone you never know what treasures can be made from trash! 

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