Friday, 28 September 2012

Reduce Your Exposure to Chemicals at Home, Work, and Play

You come into contact with chemicals every day. This is called chemical exposure. Although some chemical exposures are safe, others are not. For you to become sick, a certain amount of a harmful chemical must enter your body. Harmful chemicals can get into your body if you breathe, eat, or drink them or if they are absorbed through your skin. This booklet suggests ways you and your family can reduce your exposure to chemicals at home, at work, and at play. http://www.atsdr.cdc.go/emes/public/docs/How%20to%20Reduce%20Your%20Exposure%20to%20chemicals%20at%20home%20work%20and%20play%20fs.pdf 
If you want to replace the paint remover chemicals in your hobby or craft room, garage, or home be sure to check labels and MSDS info on these types of products most have this info available online. Know what your buying look past the "green" label and see whats really in there your health is worth it. I appreciate the dedication that EcoSolve Americas has put into their safe alternatives to paint and varnish removal, textured coatings removal, graffiti removal, and brush softeners. The Home Strip product line from EcoSolve has revolutionary water based technology that gives their products a powerful punch without solvents, caustics, or hidden toxins. For more info on Home Strip please visit

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