Monday, 24 September 2012

Montreal Cracks Down On Graffiti

The Town of Montreal West has passed new legislation cracking down on graffiti artists. An amended version of Montreal West Bylaw provides the means to prevent graffiti and requires that it be cleaned up promptly. Business and private property owners are responsible for the prompt graffiti clean up at their own expense and could face heavy fines if they don't comply. For more details on this story follow this link Has your town updated similar graffiti bylaws? Home Strip Graffiti Go is the fast and effective Eco-friendly graffiti remover for safe graffiti removal. This water based product is solvent and fume free that is safe for use on all surfaces and effective on all paint types making it the ideal versatile graffiti remover. Now business and private property owners can take matters into their own hands without forking over large costs for professional clean up and still comply with town bylaws. Don't let graffiti damages cost you more than they have to, Graffiti Go is safe and easy to use keeping your property pristine with environmentally friendly Home Strip options from EcoSolve Americas. For more info on Graffiti Go and other Home Strip products please visit   

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