Thursday, 9 August 2012

Vintage Eco-friendly Decorating

Introducing some vintage furniture and reclaimed or repurposed pieces into your home is a great way to add character and depth to any decorating style. Mix new with old and reap the rewards of your own creativity. Save those classic pieces from the junkyard! Choosing vintage furniture is an Eco-friendly option in home decorating. Check out this article for some great ideas of incorporating those beautiful vintage pieces into your decor Keep the Eco-friendly theme going when its time to refinish your vintage furniture use Home Strip the safe alternative to chemical strippers. EcoSolve Americas are the proud providers of Home Strip the water based solvent free tough not toxic paint and varnish remover. Take your Eco-friendly decorating to the next level with Home Strip please visit for more details and where to buy!


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  2. This is really a very informative article for me because I would like to decorate my home in green way. I think, I will decorate my home in Eco-friendly way or green way from using energy-saving accessories and equipments. I hope that your information will help to me for Eco-friendly home decorating.


  3. Yes absolutely the EcoSolve Blog contains many great Eco-friendly decorating tips take a look around and you'll find all kinds of great ideas. I'm glad you liked this post good luck with your project!