Thursday, 23 August 2012

Toxic Chemicals Lobby: Exclusive Leaked Footage

Watch this wacky cartoon spoof of the toxic chemicals lobby, created to galvanize support for Congressional action. Make sure to like it, leave a comment, and share with your network! The characters you will meet in the video are cartoons, but the plot is ripped from the headlines. This cartoon may be funny or not but it also brings light to some serious issues Congress is dealing with at the moment that effect us all. A toxic chemical reform is desperately needed to regulate and control what is in the products we buy. Some companies are making safer products and healthier alternatives to provide Eco-friendly options for industries where the options are few and far between like building and repair products. EcoSolve Americas uses patented water based technology to provide environmentally friendly paint stripper products. Chemical strippers are one of the most volatile products in the building industry today and EcoSolve Americas has the safe alternative Home Strip products are easy to use and environmentally friendly with powerful professional quality you won't find anywhere else. For more details on EcoSolve and Home Strip products please visit  

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