Friday, 3 August 2012

Sticker Removal With Graffiti Go!

Stickers are great until you want them gone then its a battle between you and the glue! When you finally get it off a sticky messy residue is left that never quite comes clean. The common removers that I've used in the past always left an oily or sticky residue and had so many fumes that I'm left with a headache! Now the only brand I trust is Home Strip, and their Graffiti Go! is definitely my favorite not only are their products water based and fume free but also quick and effective. I just spray on leave for a minute or two and the sticker and glue soften and lift leaving no residue and I can just wipe after with water. Check out this video to see me use Graffiti Go! to remove a sticker off the floor of my new to me house and the surprise I get from whats underneath. It was a simple easy clean and it made me so glad for my Graffiti Go! If you wish to learn more about Graffiti Go! or other Home Strip products please visit EcoSolve Americas has the Eco-friendly solution for you.  

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