Friday, 24 August 2012

Our Crazy Kitties!

We love our furry friends so much they are a part of the family and they can do some silly things sometimes. Check these kitties out doing some crazy things with water yup I said it water! You have to see it to believe it just too funny not to share I was pretty amazed since my kitty does not appreciate the wetness of water. My furry friend does however appreciate the water based products I use in my home when I'm tackling one of the many renovation projects I have going on. Non-toxic removers that keep the dust down and cleaners with low VOCs is key in my home to keep everyone safe from chemical exposure. Our pets can be more susceptible to the common toxins you can find in a wide variety of cleaners and strippers available today that's why when I started working on projects in my home I went for the safest paint stripper I trust Home Strip Paint and Varnish Remover. Its the only water based paint remover that is environmentally friendly and effective with no fumes that can harm my family. I also appreciate the low cost and pleasant smell if you need Eco-friendly alternatives in your home please visit and get Home Strip the tough not toxic brand for home improvement.  

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