Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Is it safe to refinish furniture when I'm pregnant?

To be 100 percent safe, it's always best to let someone else refinish the furniture while you're pregnant, or wait and do the work yourself after your baby is born. But if the job can't wait, there are safety measures you can take and some products you can use that are safer than others. Products that contain chemical solvents – such as furniture-stripping products, paint removers, and varnish – are a possible safety concern during pregnancy. For ways to lower your risk follow the simple tips in this article For safer furniture stripping options use Home Strip Paint and Varnish Remover the water based solvent free stripper. Safe for use on all surfaces with no harsh chemicals or fumes that could harm you or your baby. When you got to do it yourself use Home Strip products from EcoSolve Americas the safe environmentally friendly paint remover options. Keep baby safe visit for more details on Home Strip the tough not toxic brand for paint removers.

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