Friday, 10 August 2012

Graffiti Art Or Vandalism?

People have long debated this question and I think everyone has their own opinion when it comes to expression with spray paint. As an artist I find myself torn because it does not seem to be a yes or no answer for me. I have seen both sides of the coin from the hard working business owner struggling to comply with city regulations on graffiti free exteriors to the passionate expressionistic graffiti artist that can not be quieted or painted over. The biggest problems associated with graffiti seems to be a mix of permission and choice of canvas. I've linked a video here to illustrate some public opinions on the subject, the ups and downs to the movement and some examples of what I would consider vandalism and killer expression in a can! If your looking for an Eco-friendly solution to property damage and vandalism from graffiti EcoSolve Americas has Graffiti Go from the Home Strip brand of tough not toxic paint removal products. This water based product provides an effective and safe graffiti removal solution for all surfaces with no fume or burn hazards. For more information on Home Strips products and where to buy please visit        

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