Friday, 20 July 2012

Why Lead Paint Gets Confused For A Tasty Treat

I know what your thinking why would a child or a pet eat paint chips in the first place? Well its quite simple says Dr. Sandra Cottingham co-author of the book Lead Babies. She explains some simple truths behind lead and stresses that just painting over the problem does not resolve the danger. View this video for her story and get the facts on lead. If you find lead in your home and can not afford the expense of a professional there are alternatives for removing lead paint safely. Home Strip Paint and Varnish Remover is an Eco-friendly paint stripper with a wet work system designed to keep the material being stripped wet for safe removal without generating harmful lead dust. Unlike other paint strippers Home Strip does not chemically react with the paint but with the water in the paint safely softening and lifting the it from the surface. Sanding, Chemical Stripping, and Heat Gun Stripping can result in toxic fumes and or dust being released into the air creating a larger hazard. Subscribe to this blog for more great articles and videos on safe lead paint removal tips and practices. And visit for more details on Home Strip Eco-friendly products by EcoSolve. Make your home lead free and protect your family and pets from lead poisoning.

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