Thursday, 5 July 2012

What Is Your Inspiration?

What inspires you I want to know. I get inspired by people fighting for people, animals, and plants that do not have rights or the ability to defend themselves from greed and corruption. I get inspired by companies that make choices to help better our planet not take away from it. I think everyone has this natural urge to do good and help others their level of influence by this urge seems to depend on each individuals personal circumstances in life. What are you doing today will your actions today be remembered tomorrow? Watch this inspirational video of the day and get going its your day make something of it! It only takes a little to change a lot we are 7 Billion strong if we want to be. Do your part educate yourself, sign petitions that matter, read labels, care for each other, respect our life giving planet, choose to change, realize the power of your voice! Share your inspirational story the world is watching even if it changes just one person you could make a difference.

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