Thursday, 12 July 2012

This old boat!

For all the boat lovers out there! A lot of us have that special old boat in need of repair that they just can't be parted from and will do anything to keep it in their lives. Blood, sweat, tears and determination is what keeps these boats afloat whats your story. From the irreplaceable classic to the family canoe they come in all shapes and sizes with all types of repairs. The guy in this video is starting the prep on a canoe that has been in his family for three generations. Its in need of some major fiberglass repairs but that won't stop him from getting his boat to float once again! The product featured in this video is called Home Strip Paint and Varnish Remover the safe Eco-friendly alternative to paint stripping. With its revolutionary water based technology this product goes up to three times as far as chemical strippers. For more details on Eco-friendly Home Strip products visit because Home Strip is tough not toxic!    


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  2. Thank you for the support there is much more to come!