Monday, 9 July 2012

Support Graffiti Art Not Vandalism

See how this community is fighting graffiti with well graffiti! Selected students from the community with talented spray paint skills are creating beautiful murals around the affected areas with permission from property and business owners to cover up unsightly graffiti blight and discourage repeat damage. Watch this video to see the results Graffiti has become an on going battle for many communities all across North America. Hateful unsightly images and words, scribbles and tags that plague home owners, business owners, and communities every where. This damage costs thousands of dollars in clean up efforts coming out of the pockets of these property owners and city tax dollar funds. If you want to help your community clean up but don't have the permission to spray paint you can still join the battle and remove graffiti damage with Graffiti Go! The safe Eco-friendly graffiti remover that can remove layers of paint with one application and is safe on all surfaces. No nasty chemicals or fumes just rinse with water and keep your community beautiful for everyone. For more details on Graffiti Go visit help stop the damage to your community safely.

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