Monday, 30 July 2012

Our Furry Family Members

We love our pets so much that they truly are part of the family. And we do everything we can to protect them as such. The rewards are wonderful with many moments of furry love and laughs. They bring joy to our lives and our hearts. If you love your fuzzy buddy you'll want to see this video I'm rating it the cutest video ever but you be the judge. EcoSolve Americas knows how important it is to keep all members of the family safe from harsh chemicals when doing repairs or projects in the home. That's why we are dedicated to providing Home Strip the intelligent environmentally safe paint removal alternative. Whether its paint or varnish, graffiti or glue, textured coatings or brush restoration we have Home Strip products that do the job effectively without the chemicals. All our products are water based and solvent/caustic free because we believe your paint stripper should be tough not toxic. Visit for more details on our great products. 

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