Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Fast And Effective Eco-friendly Decal Remover

We all know the mess that decals and stickers make when they get damaged and you try to remove them. Weathered peeling edges and stubborn sticky adhesives now can be removed safely and easily with Home Strip Graffiti Go! This green cleaner can do the job of several cleaners all in one bottle! Graffiti damage, leather dyes, fly posters, glue, chewing gum, a wide variety of decals, and more can be removed with this amazing Eco-friendly product by EcoSolve Americas. Graffiti Go! has advanced water based technology that is safe for use on all surfaces and effective without the need for harsh chemicals. Watch this video and see Graffiti Go! in action as I go on a decal removal spree at a local business. It was so much fun and so easy! To find out more on this great green product and other Home Strip green products by EcoSolve please visit  Home Strip tough not toxic!     

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