Thursday, 14 June 2012

Artist Brush Maintenance Tricks Of The Trade

Reshaping is an important step to keeping your brushes maintained, artists brushes do not come cheap and the maintenance of these brushes will ensure longer lasting tools of expression! Follow the tips in this video for better behaving bristles. Always try to clean brushes right after use and store dry and flat. But this doesn't always happen we all forget about a brush now and then leaving you with bristles hard as rocks. That's ok you don't need nasty chemicals that could potentially damage your brush Home Strip Brush Renew is the water based Eco-friendly alternative brush restorer that is safe on all brush and bristle types. Unlike its chemical counterpart that leaves you with a toxic solution that is difficult to properly dispose of. Home Strip Brush Renew can remove multiple paints from multiple brushes at one time with no evaporation or toxic fumes and the solution can be reused again and again. Visit EcoSolve Americas website for more details

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