Friday, 18 May 2012

Arts and Crafts: Make it Safe

Sharing this great article by Care 2 Make a Difference on making arts and crafts safe. Lots of great tips all artists and crafty types should follow to minimize exposure to commonly found toxins in your everyday supplies. Ensure your safety when working on your next piece or project using the helpful tips in this link. 
EcoSolve Americas Inc. can help you make a safe choice when it comes to restoring your arts and crafts brushes there is no more need for toxic thinners or solvents when you find that forgotten brush hard as a rock or use one to apply something that just won't come clean with regular soap and water. Home Strip Brush Renew is the Eco-friendly choice for brush restoration and specialty cleaning. This unique product is safe for use on all brush types is reusable and will not evaporate find it here... 

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