Thursday, 31 May 2012

How To Fix A Bad Paint Job

If your paint job didn't turn out as expected, knowing the reason why will help you determine a strategy for fixing it. Follow these great tips from eHow to fix bad paint jobs in your place with some easy steps to fix common problems with painting. Where paint stripping is needed use Eco-friendly Home Strip products for safe paint removal, just rinse with water! Home Strips water based solution by EcoSolve Americas can replace hazardous chemical paint stripping and keep your home chemical free. Check out our website for more details.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Chemicals In Your Environment

Think about the items in your home and what they are made of we can make a conscious effort to reduce the chemicals in our home. By using Home Strip products when specialty cleaning or removing paint is necessary you are replacing harsh solvents with water based solutions and eliminating some of the toxic chemicals in your home watch this video and visit our website for more details

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Restore Old Artist Brushes and Save Money

Artists supplies don't come cheap so one way to save yourself a little money is to restore old brushes. Home Strip Brush Renew can do this without the use of harsh solvents or thinners. This water based formula will not evaporate, is reusable, and can restore multiple brushes with multiple paints at one time. Brush Renew is safe for all brush types and is environmentally friendly. Get it here... A little extra care for fine art brushes doesn’t take a lot of time and the payoff is fine lines, a straight chiseled edge and money saved for paints and canvas.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Community Clean Up Day

Its that time of year again when outdoors is where you want to be take a look around is your community up to snuff? Graffiti Go! can help you clean up your community safely with a powerful water based graffiti removal solution even your kids can use. You can learn more about and get Graffiti Go! here... and fight graffiti and crime in your community. Check out this link to see what our Graffiti Go! does for London, ON communities helping clean up personal properties and parks vandalized by graffiti. Statistics show that communities without graffiti have less crime and vandalism rates then communities with graffiti. We can lower crime rates simply by neighborhood clean ups do it safe with green solutions by EcoSolve Americas our innovative Eco-friendly products save you money and save the environment.

Friday, 25 May 2012

The do’s and don’ts of protecting your family from lead exposure at home

Of course you wouldn’t knowingly expose your family to lead! There are some easy household do’s and don’ts to reduce people’s exposure to environmental lead in your home. Lead is a common metal that has many uses. It may be present in your home in old layers of paint, in water pipes, or in certain household items and toys. Follow the advice in this link to protect your family from lead poisoning EcoSolve Americas can help with Home Strip Paint and Varnish Remover. Our water based formula can safely remove damaged lead paint without causing harmful contaminated dust  for more information on how this product safely removes paint and where to buy visit our web site.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Green Remodeling with Eco Friendly Paint

If your looking to renovate your home whether its tearing out walls or just needing a fresh color your probably going to need paint for the finishing touches. Finding, using, and buying Eco-friendly paint has never been easier. Even the strippers used to remove the old toxic paint are improving. Home Strip by EcoSolve Americas is a new revolutionary formula for paint stripping that is water based and completely safe for the user and the environment find out more here... For information on Eco-friendly paints, the hazards of their not so Eco-friendly counterparts, and safe paint stripping tips read this article from Green Living Ideas on everything you need to know about green remodeling with Eco-friendly paint.

10 Cancer-Causers to Remove from Your Home

Products available on the market today contain "everyday" carcinogens such as formaldehyde, methylene chloride, as well as reproductive toxins and hormone disruptors. Not to mention other ingredients that cause liver, kidney and brain damage, allergies and asthma. EcoSolve Americas Home Strip products can help you safely remove toxic paints and varnishes from your home without releasing contaminated dust into the air or costing you a fortune. Get them here... If you want to learn about other cancer-causers lurking in your home check out this link for info on how to replace these items with safer solutions and get toxic products out of your home!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Investigation links deaths to paint-stripping chemical

Know the risks when using chemical paint strippers why are these products still available for consumer use? You need extensive protective equipment to use chemical paint strippers or you could receive severe skin burns, brain damage, or death. An investigation started by researchers at Michigan State University in 2011 has found that 13 deaths since 2000 involved the use of paint-stripping products containing methylene chloride, a highly volatile, colorless and toxic chemical that is widely used as a degreaser and paint stripper. Read link for details... EZ Strip Paint & Varnish Stripper is your Eco-friendly alternative protect yourself and the environment by using water based stripping products from EZ Strip the safe choice for all your paint removal needs. EZ Strip products are skin safe, fume free, and they work!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Eco-Friendly Painting Tips

Many paints on the market are still unhealthy for the planet, can't we all paint in a way that is in sync with the planet? Use these Eco-friendly painting tips for a happier, healthier experience and environment in your home. Home Strip products can help you remove toxic paints from your home and get you ready for that green paint project be green from start to finish with EcoSolve!

Monday, 21 May 2012

Do It Yourself Moms

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, exposure to lead paint increases the likelihood of lead poisoning and mental retardation. Scraping and sanding old paint should be completely avoided. This puts higher concentrations of solvents and chemicals into the air to be inhaled. The recommendation is to have someone else do this part of the remodeling and ideally, remove yourself from the location until the project is complete. But if you are just too excited and you must paint the nursery, there are some guidelines to help decrease the likelihood of paint exposure.
Paint removal can be safe for pregnant women too! I would still recommend avoiding paints that contain lead or asbestos but regular household paints can be removed with Home Strip products by EcoSolve Americas Inc. All Home Strip products are water based and solvent free with no fumes to potentially harm you or your baby. For all those go getter soon to be moms out there make the safe choice when you just got to do it yourself. Find all Home Strip products here...

Friday, 18 May 2012

Arts and Crafts: Make it Safe

Sharing this great article by Care 2 Make a Difference on making arts and crafts safe. Lots of great tips all artists and crafty types should follow to minimize exposure to commonly found toxins in your everyday supplies. Ensure your safety when working on your next piece or project using the helpful tips in this link. 
EcoSolve Americas Inc. can help you make a safe choice when it comes to restoring your arts and crafts brushes there is no more need for toxic thinners or solvents when you find that forgotten brush hard as a rock or use one to apply something that just won't come clean with regular soap and water. Home Strip Brush Renew is the Eco-friendly choice for brush restoration and specialty cleaning. This unique product is safe for use on all brush types is reusable and will not evaporate find it here... 

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Do It Yourself Decorating Tips To Help Get That Professional Look

Is unrefined paint skills putting a kink in your do-it-yourself decorating adventure? Often, small mistakes can make an adequate paint job look bad these small details can detract from the overall finished look of a room but they can easily be fixed with these easy steps for that professional look.  Fix touch ups requiring a paint stripper safely with Home Strip Paint and Varnish Remover the intelligent environmentally safe option when it comes to paint removal. Made available by EcoSolve Americas Inc. this truly green product is water based with no fumes or need for ventilation making it ideal for all your indoor projects. Make all your paint removal projects safe for you and the environment find Home Strip products here...

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Green lead paint removal tips protect your family!

If your home was built before 1980 you may have lead contaminated paint lurking in the layers on your walls, window and door frames, even old furniture which may not seem dangerous until the painted surface gets damaged or a renovation takes place then your at risk of lead exposure. Children are much more susceptible to lead poisoning and can cause irreversible damaging affects. Pregnant women can put the unborn fetus at risk if exposed to lead and affect the development of organs, the brain, and cause birth defects.  Home Strip Paint and Varnish Remover is an Eco-friendly paint stripping product that will safely remove lead paints without releasing lead particles of harmful solvent fumes into the air. Home Strip made available by EcoSolve Americas Inc. has a revolutionary water based technology that is solvent and caustic free allowing for safe use indoors and out without need for ventilation or extensive protective equipment.   Follow these easy safety tips by save with green to ensure proper removal you can get the lead out!

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Eco-friendly Boat Refinishing Make It Safe!

Why go through the hassle of dangerous sand blasting or chemical stripping to refinish your boat? There are safe alternatives for removing gel coats, finish, and paint from your boat. Fiberglass, metal, wood it doesn't matter Home Strip Paint and Varnish Remover can safely strip your boats surface without damage from high pressured machines or harsh chemicals. All Home Strip products are water based and 100% Eco-friendly making your project safe with no need for extensive protective equipment or concern of contaminating your soil, water, or workstation. Home Strip products are made available in North America by EcoSolve Americas Inc. the intelligent environmentally safe alternative.    

Friday, 11 May 2012

Your Guide to Living Green During Pregnancy

There's no better time to go green than when you're trying to conceive or already expecting a baby. Dangerous toxins and nasty chemicals lurk in some surprising places. Be diligent read labels ask questions know what your buying! EcoSolve Americas makes a product line of Eco-friendly cleaners and strippers that are totally safe to use even when your pregnant (minimal ventilation suggested). Here are some of the major chemical culprits and how you can live greener.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

The Toxicity of Solvents and The Non-Toxic Substitutes for Artists

I had no idea there was so many natural substitutes for the toxic solvents, thinners, and cleaners artists use everyday. The article linked has invaluable info for artists and lots of it save the link use as a reference you can still be creative without exposure to volatile toxins. For the suggested water based paint stripper try Home Strip Paint and Varnish Remover and for your brushes Home Strip Brush Renew will do the trick without the hazard of solvent use. There is great info on the chemical break down of solvents and hazards related with them too things you should know! 

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Know the risks when using Methylene Chloride!

Know the risks there are safe alternatives! Methylene Chloride can cause cancer and is commonly found in chemical paint strippers you need extensive professional protective equipment to protect yourself against fumes and splatters. EcoSolve Americas Inc. makes a water based paint remover that is safe and solvent free now available at Protect yourself, your families well being, and the environment the next time you have a paint removal project know the facts about chemical strippers and make the choice to use water based strippers instead. Find out more about the dangers of Methylene Chloride in this link.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Graffiti Hurts

Graffiti vandals believe their actions harm no one. The reality is graffiti hurts everyone: homeowners, communities, businesses, schools, and you. And, those who practice it risk personal injury, violence, and arrest. See what major American cities pay for graffiti removal and who is affected by it. 
You can help your city and community fight graffiti with a totally safe green product called Graffiti Go! Available in North America by EcoSolve Americas

Monday, 7 May 2012

Old Brick Houses Maintain Their Beauty

 Put down the pressure washer and save that old brick wall from damage read these great tips on how to safely remove paint from old exteriors. EcoSolve Americas products can help safely remove paint from delicate surfaces like old brick without damage and their Eco-friendly formula can make your paint removal experience safe and pleasant. Home Strip X-Tex now available at Amazon can make your paint problems melt away check out our website for more details.

Asbestos In Your Home?

See where asbestos could be lurking in your home in this helpful link by Green Home. Their mission is to green the world, one person (and one business) at a time. EcoSolve Americas Inc. can help if you find asbestos in textured paints or coatings in your home. Home Strip X-Tex is a revolutionary new product that can safely remove textured paints contaminated with asbestos. The formula has a wet work system that locks the carcinogenic fibers in and keeps working longer for safe effective removal of contaminated materials.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Environmental Health Issues When Removing Paint

eHow Logoe How Health in this issue talks about removing paint and the health and environmental risks involved. Things you should know before you make that purchase at the hardware store and the safety precautions you should take to ensure safe work practices when using paint stripping products. Know the facts education is your greatest weapon when it comes to protecting yourself while removing paint.

Reviews On Green Building Materials: Paint Removal

This review on paint removal by Low Impact Living illustrates the Eco-friendly effectiveness of EcoSolve Americas' Home Strip Paint and Varnish Remover and Graffiti Go! two truly green products now available in North America for consumer and professional use. With no fumes or risk of burns, these products are completely safe for the end user and the environment. Thanks to EcoSolve Americas Inc. your next paint removal project can be a breath of fresh air literally!

Press Release: Home Strip Paint and Varnish Remover

One of the most dangerous DIY jobs out there is stripping old paint/varnish from surfaces in and around the home. The demand for safer products concerning the environment and our families well being grows by the day. With more information on chemicals effecting our health becoming more readily available Eco Solutions Limited has stepped up to the challenge to providing a wide range of Eco-friendly paint/varnish removal products. This press release highlights some of the hazards related to stripping paint/varnish with solvents and the alternative options out there.
Products made available in North America by EcoSolve Americas Inc.

Green Health Watch: Eco Solutions

Eco Solutions set themselves the task of developing safe and environmentally friendly solvent free alternative cleaners that were effective for daily use in a commercial environment. Today they have a range of safe and effective, solvent free paint removal, varnish removal, and graffiti removal products, which can be used by consumers and professionals alike at a lower cost and without any of the usual risks that are associated with hazardous solvents. In this link Green Health Watch lists some of the dangers of chemical solvents and caustics and puts Eco Solutions to the test with some Q & A on their mission and products.
Products made available in North America by EcoSolve Americas Inc.   

Refurbish Old Paint Brushes

Important Eco DIY advice from the Eco Home Center. This blog could save you a lot of time and money. By having a safe brush cleaning system, even if you do accidentally forget to clean them every now and then, allows you to buy some better quality paintbrushes that will not shed their bristles with the same generosity as the cheaper brushes and also provide you with a better quality finish to your handiwork. It also limits your DIY paint project waste check out this link for details.
Products made available in North America by EcoSolve Americas Inc.

Eco-Smart Stripping and Staining Wood

old chairBefore you chuck that old chair or have new flooring installed, please consider stripping and refinishing that valuable wood instead we can all do our part to minimize landfill dumping. Low Impact Living has a step by step guide to refinishing that beautiful old wood including multiple safe finish stripping options from sanding to Eco-friendly strippers to help you get the job done. Low Impact Living helping you lower your impact on the planet.

Eco Solutions Gets The Lead Out!

Project CBC is a British Telecom proposal to manage the "lead in air" hazard associated with the disturbance of Cotton Braided Cables coated with lead based paint. Eco Solutions were approached by BT and asked if they would join a research program that looked at how their products could be used to safely remove the lead paint without releasing lead into the air. The link here is the story of their success and the collaborators involved.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Stop Vandalism From Effecting Your Business

Watch how this business owner took matters into his own hands to clean up his property and renew the look of his business. Graffiti can be devastating to businesses and costly to remove not to mention dangerous depending on the product you choose. Home Strip Graffiti Go! is a revolutionary new Eco-friendly product that is completely safe for the user and the environment. Its a water based formula proven to be effective but will not damage the surface being treated. Check out these before and after pictures and see the results.

Eco Solutions for Green Home Improvements

In recent years the consumer has become more demanding in terms of the environment and their family’s well-being which has been reflected in a wide range of areas such as the growth of low odor paints & varnishes, organic food and natural products. In this Green Finder article they focus on the hazards faced by Do It Yourself Enthusiasts concerning paint removal projects and list some safe alternative products available.

Tom White: Eco-friendly Decorator

A few words from Tom: Recently I have decided to make the switch from conventional decorating to that of using natural and eco paints, after a few years of positive experimentation. Most properties are built using natural materials, I think it's a shame that we then cover all these services in plastic (conventional paints are essentially plastic). Eco paints are different they contain natural ingredients such as clay, lime and plant extracts, which not only look better but feel better - more harmonious. Linked is Tom's reviews and recommendations for Eco-friendly paint removal.

Revive Your Windows DIY Enthusiasts Rejoice

 Revive your windows by exposing that beautiful wood underneath or get them ready for that new color or fresh coat with EcoSolve Americas Home Strip Paint and Varnish Remover. This revolutionary product can make your DIY project fun, easy, and safe with no fumes and no burns making it perfect for indoor projects. Check out these performance pictures from their Facebook Page.

Different Future Has Begun

Dr Gerald Altnau studied organo-metallic chemistry at the Technical University in Berlin and received
his PhD in 1979. Linked is his article on the choice of a paint stripper, related dangers from products containing DCM aka Methylene Chloride, and alternative paint stripping options. Germany has registered more than 80 accidents in relation to DCM paint stripping, including more than 35 fatalities during the last 25 years. Know the facts when choosing a paint stripper.

How To Remove Paint Off Walls

If you need to remove paint off walls, you have a time-consuming, sometimes difficult task on your hands. These helpful tips will help to make your job of removing paint as simple and painless as possible. Read more for multiple tips and comments on how this article helped others and their suggestions.

How To Not Decorate Your House!

This is not the recommended way to decorate your front room and it would probably be best to keep a better eye on your kids! But if you need a good Eco-friendly paint stripper DIY Doctor recommends using a paint and varnish remover from Eco Solutions it's the best product DIY Doctor has found in over 30 years of decorating, for stripping paint. Read more on our Paint-Stripping project.

The fight in Britian for safe paint strippers!

Graham Watson MEP addresses the European Parliament in regards to restrictions on the marketing and use of certain dangerous substances and preparations of the volatile chemical Dichloromethane aka methylene chloride a common solvent found in paint strippers. This compelling story is in-recognition of the rigorous campaigning of alternative solvent free paint strippers. Britain has banned the consumer use of this product why is North America so far behind!

Paint Removers at Low Impact Living

Low Impact Living recommends EcoSolve Americas Home Strip paint stripping products in the green product and service section with great before and after pics of a beautifully refinished wooden chair. At Low Impact Living, they want to help you lower the environmental impact of your home and your daily life. To do that, they help you find the best green products, practices and service providers to help you achieve your environmental goals. They're primary goal is to make the path from inspiration to implementation as short and as smooth as possible. Only by taking action will we collectively reduce the damage to our planet and ecosystems.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Graffiti Go! In Action!

Graffiti effects everyone and can be costly for communities and business owners to hire professional clean up. Take matters into your own hands and do it safely with Eco-friendly products  that are effective and easy to use. The product featured in this video is called Graffiti Go! see how six layers of graffiti on brick are no match to the green power of Graffiti Go!

Product Demo By Mr. Eco Solutions

I had never seen a paint stripper applied with bare hands! And its as effective as it is safe I've never been a big fan of product demos but this one takes the cake! A must see in my book lots of helpful tips and info too.

The Future of Paint Stripping

Volatile chemicals found in paint strippers like dichloromethane aka DCM aka methylene chloride are a thing of the past lets embrace the future with Eco-friendly health and safety conscious products from companies that care about your well being! Read the article in this link on Eco Solutions a company that's changing the game.

Eco Solutions: Making a Difference

Read the article in this link and find out what Dr Paul Reynolds has to say about Eco Solutions a health and environmental conscious paint stripping company making a difference with their revolutionary water based formula for stripping paint. Their impact on the paint stripping industry changing the way we produce and distribute chemicals. The products in this article have been made available in North America by EcoSolve Americas 

Graffiti Go Day

See what the Eco-friendly product Graffiti Go! does for the community of London, ON and how they come together to keep it clean and safe. Studies show that communities with high vandalism crime are prone to other crimes including theft and assault. There lots of benefits to getting your community together for graffiti clean ups from educating children on the down sides of public vandalism, strengthening community relationships, and overall enjoyment of a clean and safe place to live! 

Do It Yourself Enthusiets Beware!

See what BBC Consumer Watchdog had to say about chemical paint strippers and the hazards of using them. These products have been banned from consumer use or locked up in stores requiring special usage and safety instructions prior to purchase in countries over seas for years. Here its a hard to read warning label know the facts on dichloromethane aka methylene chloride and other chemicals found in common paint strippers. There are safe alternatives for you and the environment

Make Your Home More Eco-friendly

Check out how Home Strip Paint and Varnish Remover helped restore a beautiful bar in the dining section. The process was completely safe and Eco-friendly, refinishing furniture used to be costly requiring a professional or dangerous to do yourself dealing with the chemicals needed. With Home Strip Paint and Varnish Remover the process is now safe to do yourself because the formula is water based and solvent free. Keep old furniture out of landfills and in your home with a fresh new look or use.